What Makes a Lock Secure?

You may be wondering, isn’t just having the lock in your gate or door enough to know it is secure? Of course not, there are a lot of factors you should evaluate before you even get the lock you want.

Your lock should have longer screws in order to have more impact resistance. Anti-pick shields provide additional strengths and in electric locks, lock-picking or using fake bump keys won’t even be an option for possible burglars. Consider having a lock that has a bolt with a spinning pin that provides protection against kicking, sawing, and other blunt impacts that may cause damage.

In this digital age, electronic or digital locks require pins that are equally convenient and secure, are very common in residential households. It avoids the trouble one might encounter if they lose their key or get something jammed inside the apparatus. On the flip side, digital locks could get hacked and other people could just blindly guess the passcode anytime.

When it comes to choosing your locks, trust someone that is skilled and experienced in the field. Give us a call at The Lisburn Locksmith or contact us through out highly informative website and we’ll gladly help you out. We are also available for general consultations when you are unsure of what your security system should have.

Trusting someone that isn’t specifically trained in that field could risk the safety of your family and your belongings someday in the near future. Check out the reviews we’ve received from our satisfied customers now!

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