Wide Doors Narrow Frames

A lot of work goes into planning what your next home should look like. From the colour of the outdoor walls to the plants that are suitable for your interior, property owners may spend a year planning for everything to ensure everything goes right. However, no amount of planning can ever result in something “perfect.” One way or nothing, something is going to be lacking or wrong and you have no other choice but to accept and work around it.

Outlet planning errors are something you may be familiar with. You could place as many outlets as you can and still fall short when a specific piece of furniture you want is in the way or too far from it to be comfortably used. You may lack one in a specific area when the time comes and you want a Christmas tree in the living room.

This applies to doors and locks as well. You may have already purchased great doors that suit your taste and home aesthetic but fail to realize they’re actually bigger than your doorframe that’s already been constructed. Doors are expensive and once you’ve chosen one, it’s difficult to find something that you like more than it.

Fear not, our locksmiths at The Lisburn Locksmith can help you out. If you aren’t willing to give up your slightly bigger door, we can suggest carving out your frame in order to fit the lock. That way, you can stay safe and have a wonderful door without needing to spend more to replace it.

If you’re interested in looking into similar lock-related issues you may have, feel free to contact us at our website, GMB Page, or read through the reviews posted on our Facebook Page. Cheers!

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