Measure Twice Drill Once

Suppose you’ve supervised or looked after any property construction before. In that case, you’ll notice that builders that have been in the industry for decades will still measure things hundreds of times before installing the actual thing. Preparation and finishing take a lot more time than the attachment itself. Mistakes are inevitable in construction sites, it’s part of the process, but proper preparation helps prevent even more of them.

It’s very similar to arts and crafts in which those who wish for little to no mistakes in their final work will take more than one or two steps just sketching and planning out their work. Traditional works such as carving include the process of elimination in which mistakes can be irreversible, much like in real life.

If you want your security to actually serve the level of security it promised, it is of utmost importance that it is installed properly. Not all locks are suitable for all doors especially if you’re looking at special or niche types such as a sliding doors. They need to be types that hook into something in order to be effective.

When locks aren’t properly measured beforehand, the incorrectly drilled holes may make your door and doorframe weaker than it’s supposed to be. It’ll be easier to force open and it’ll be far harder to repair and replace in the future.

Make sure that the locksmith you hired is someone that is committed to making your property the most secure it can be. Make sure that they are someone that measures twice and drills only once.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, contact us at The Lisburn Locksmith. Our technicians are well-experienced in the trade and they are always delighted to help you out. You may contact us anytime or choose to look through our extensive list of services on our website and Facebook Page. Cheers!

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