Indoor Care

There are a lot of articles out there that advertise care for your front and backdoor locks or anything that’s outdoor. That’s understandable. After all, what’s your indoor lock for if the front is wide open? However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for your indoor locks either.

This applies especially to households with children or frequent visitors that access the indoor doors daily. Children are incredibly careless about how they use the things in their homes. They’re curious and excited to try new things that they observe in their surroundings. If they happen to see adults using keys to unlock closed doors, they might give it a try on their own at some point, unsupervised or not.

This leads to indoor lock damage due to the use of uncontrolled strength and keys snapping because of incorrect use. Always make sure that sharp objects that can be used to prod into crevices in your home are hidden or out of reach from curious children. This may help you avoid expensive damage to your home.

Get your indoor locks properly maintained and inspected every now and then. Sure, they may not look damaged, but there could be multiple problems in their inner mechanisms already that could affect their performance over time. Lock-ins and outs are at risk indoors too.

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